Preorder: Yoda Face Mask Pot
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Preorder: Yoda Face Mask Pot

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Use the power of the force to wipe away excess oil and smooth your skin tone. Each mask pot comes in a 2oz plastic pot and comes with a Face Mask Customization card to help you meet your specific skin needs.
This face mask is perfect for normal-oily skin types and is our most gentle face mask. When applied, the mask is a dark green color. When it dries, it is a light grey/green that looks very close to our favorite little green Jedi Warrior.
Ingredients: French Green Clay, Kaolin clay, Bentonite clay, Aloe powder, Ginseng powder.
Directions: Mix 1 tsp of the face mask powder with 1 tsp of the liquid of your choice. Apply to face and wait 10 minutes before washing off.
**Do not double to make a thicker paste as it intensifies the potency of the paste and length of time needed to dry, thus increasing the risk of skin reaction on sensitive skin. It's normal for a mask to tingle but not normal for a mask to burn. If you start to feel a burning sensation, remove and try again with either water or greek yogurt for a more gentle mask experience.

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